Tibor Varga Biography

Commemorating Tibor Varga’s 100th Birthday

Sinfonia concertante. Tibor Varga. Biography

Tibor Varga violinist, conductor, professor and founder – Life and work of one the greatest musicians and artists of his time
Comprehensive – authentic. Including previously unpublished documents and sources.
The Standard Work of Tibor Varga Biographics!

On nearly 300 pages, Tibor Varga’s designated biographer, musicologist Dr. Angelika Varga-Behrer, portrays life and work of Tibor Varga, describing Tibor Varga’s profound influence on music and musical interpretation, integrating previously unpublished data and facts and presenting a lively, authentic portrait of Tibor Varga artist and man.



I: SOLOIST AND PIONEER: Childhood and Adolescence / Vienna – Munich – London / “Tone like liquid Gold” – Tibor Varga Soloist / Creator of a New Style of Violin Playing / Pioneer of New Music / Composer and Interpreter

II: EXPERT AND FOUNDER: Detmold / Tibor Varga Professor / The Tibor Varga Chamber Orchestra / Master Class / Festival Tibor Varga (1964–2001) / And the Winner is … / Ecole Supérieure de Musique Tibor Varga / “Ludwig van Tibor Varga” – Tibor Varga Conductor / Finale / Appendix

English version by Angelika Varga-Behrer
288 p.   pdf-document (download)