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Tibor Varga Violin Method Theoretical Part

Professional Violin Method for highest demands! Supreme efficiency – worlwide appreciation

The Method for Professionals – Professional training for students, from the Beginner to the Concert ArtistVademecum for professional violinists.

Enables the student “to acquire the highest level of technique in as short time as possible to be able to completely devote to the real objective: musical interpretation. Nothing else.” (Tibor Varga)

Theoretical Part: English Version, 91 p.   pdf-Datei


The Tibor Varga Violin Method “offers in condensed form a compound synthesis of violin playing along with the entire complex of instrumental technique. The professional violinist, through systematic study of the exercises [Vol. 1-7], will be given the opportunity to perfect his technique and to maintain it on a broad and solid basis. In addition, the book will help to resolve evident or indefinite technical problems. […] Last but not least this book addresses to pedagogues and professors as well […] Considering the autonomy of the present method, there are few limits to an individual shape of teaching, notwithstanding the exact system of the exercises.” (Tibor Varga)

Contents (Theoretical Part): Instrument – Pedagogics: Requirements – Structures – Technique: Objective – Function – Right Hand: Sound Production – How to Hold the Bow – Bowing – The Three-Point-System – Dynamics – Bowings – Left Hand: Position of Arm and Hand – Intonation – Shifting – Glissando – Harmonics – Pizzicato – VibratoFingering – Finger Memory – How to Practise ProperlyMusic and Interpretation – What is Music? – Composition – Notation – Interpretation

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